Sabina Döring Energy

Spiritual Healing & Mentoring · Lightcodes


Bring new momentum into your life and into your coaching, teaching, or healing business. Come back into your power and finally relax. Live and work in harmony with your soul and your own truth. Is this what you are looking for?

Then this is for you, welcome!

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I extend my hand to guide you back to yourself, to that place where anything is possible—for you and your heartfelt projects. A place of tranquillity where everything unfolds swiftly, gently, and powerfully, all at once.

Together, we’ll walk your very personal path toward a new energetic alignment, allowing the changes you deeply desire to effortlessly unfold.

This is how you master the vibrational adjustments in the current ascension process with ease.

This is how you learn to listen to your intuition and your soul again and to be in harmony with yourself. 

This is how you will find the clarity, orientation and security within yourself that you will never find on the outside.

This is how you shape your life and your heartfelt business with your very own frequency, as unique as only you can. 

And, yes, this is how you find the courage to express and live your own truth – authentically, as you are, in all your greatness, in all your light.

How great can it get? You have the choice. 

Are you ready?

Well, then come along – together we’ll walk the path back to yourself!

I am Sabina…

…and my mission is to guide you in fulfilling your desires for change with my intuitive abilities, gently yet powerfully. I want you to be carried effortlessly and joyfully by the vibrations of the new era, and to be so well-aligned that nothing can steer you off your path, no matter what happens around you.

More than 25 years ago, I set out on my own path back to myself. Right from the beginning, I was fortunate to be guided in just the way I couldn’t have imagined any better. Even back then, I discovered that I possessed a special gift for perceiving and transforming energies and frequencies. I learned several techniques and experimented extensively, ultimately realizing that what resonates most with me is what is simple and gentle, bringing powerful and swift change, always contributing to the highest good for all.

It was during those early times that I also made a commitment to pass on all the loving and unconditional care I had received during my own healing journey to others.

That’s why I always work in collaboration with the spiritual world, and as a result, all my sessions are unique and tailored specifically to your needs.

The care and presence of the spiritual world are boundless, and I am constantly surprised by the tools, exercises, and tips I am allowed to share in my client sessions, alongside all the transformations happening simultaneously. Witnessing these changes fills me with infinite joy and gratitude every time!

It is indeed true: When you take one step towards the spiritual world, it takes a thousand steps towards you!

For those seeking healing and change during this time of rising energy, progress will come quickly. More and more opportunities are being given to us, empowering us to reach our goals with increasing ease and speed.

I feel honoured to fulfil a request from the spiritual world, serving as a conduit for transmitting personal light codes. These unique codes significantly contribute to elevating, cleansing, and activating the vibrations of our energy fields, as if by magic.

I am immensely grateful to live in this extraordinary era where I see it as our duty to heal, transform, or dissolve the old and create our new world and I look forward to accompanying you on your journey when you are ready!

Radiant greetings,